Viv the Curator

Hi there my friends,  with almost 40 years in the hair biz,  it takes a lot to make me go wow. Here is are some treasures that I have been enjoying over the past few months

Huge fan of Errol Douglas work.Errol-Douglas-Rankin

Like you I explore the internet searching for new ideas, but its like being sucked into Oblivion, and yes time consuming  as one sifts through a lot of rubbish on You Tube, Instagram, Pinterest and Google {to name but a few} in order to find a treasure!  During my career I have had the pleasure to work with amazing hairdressers one being Eugene Souleiman, who continues to inspire me today.

W Magazine. Huge fan of Eugene’s work.

So part of my reinvention is to be “Viv the Curator” finding wonderful styles and inspiration.  I hope you will join me on this new adventure.  I am sure my new role will influence the  future of

Brilliant work of Frank Apostolopoulos