Host a make over Photo shoot workshop in your salon.

Hi there my Friends, Here is more information on my make over PhotoShoot workshop.  Many of you have been asking for more information on how to be a host.



For more information Please Call Rebekah Hope at 631.375.1820


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1. Prep hair with Foundation Mist & Maximista Thickening Spray then Blast dry with a blow dryer.

2. On each section spray Soft Lacquer – use a large curling tong to set pattern from top of head down to nape, clip each section to create a “cold set” & strong base.

3. To relax the set run your fingers through the hair.

4. The hair around the crown was teased at root “3” depth with more “stack & Pack” back combing.

5. the hairline was “meshed” (a light & flat back combing method) the hair was lightly sprayed with Soft Spray then lightly brushed into a loose ponytail at the crown.

6. elastic thread & a plastic Needle was used, to sew working around the head in an up & down pattern.

7. Open the hair With the fingers to create “valleys & Peeks” – to relax and undo the style. Spray a touch of Soft Spray to hold in place.

*Tip – study shape in the mirror. Design from the clients prospective & create the classic triangle for ultimate beauty & balance.

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For more information Please Call Rebekah Hope at 631.375.1820







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