3 days can change your career.

Hi there my friends, its not too late to join me.  Check out the link below and 7 reasons why. Plus a gift from me Please check out the video on a ‘3 strand rope braid with a twist’.  Practice along.



hair Vivienne Mackinder, Make up David Maderich, Fashion Beagy, Photography Julia Pogodina. For InterCoiffure North America

7 reasons to increase your styling skills and join me.
1. Learn the golden rule in design.
2. The art of setting and finishing skills.
3. Understand the 5 ways to back comb hair and why?
4. Discover the correct use of pins and how to secure without losing your shape.
5. In demand – Braids, pony tails and fun relaxed looks.
6. Understand the different skills required for ‘formal hair’ verses ‘relaxed hair’.
7. Style hair better than the ladies on YouTube in their bathroom!! OH YES!

Here is a gift from me to you I hope you enjoy. From my new editorial course. This braid was used in the image below (on right side).  Get your dolly out!!


If you can’t make it check out my on-line ‘Editorial course’ or call for
private ‘Virtual training’ with me!


Bye for now. Vivienne Mackinder
Founder of HairDesignerTV.com

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