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Timeless bobs

Hi there my friends, 40 years later I still love the Bob and all its variations, and to this day I am  still humbled by the bob. This classic shape is timeless, from blunt to razor textured cuts, but one must add a modern interpretation to...

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The Knowledge Seeker

Have you ever considered the time investment in some of the world’s greatest achievements? It took 26 months to build the Eiffel Tower. It took Da Vinci 4 years to paint the Mona Lisa. It took Michelangelo 4 years to paint the ceiling of the...

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INSPIRE – Double ombre

Hi there my friends, I love the quote below, its certainly worth mediating on. THE PURPOSE OF LIFE IS TO DISCOVER YOUR GIFT. THE MEANING OF LIFE IS TO GIVE YOUR GIFT AWAY.  This image is from my new collection Boho Rock, inspired by Bohemian trends and...

viv and sue jenna

BACK STAGE PASS 3 Hi there my friends join us for Back stage pass 3 with the fabulous Sue Pemberton Joico Artistic Director for color - see what the audience missed!!   See you behind the curtain 5 cuts and 5 colors to wow you. All the best Vivienne Mackinder founder of

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Rock and Roll Shag – razor hair cut

[caption id="attachment_3701" align="aligncenter" width="118"] BEFORE[/caption] Hi there my Friends, Like to share with you this step by step that I did back stage for Luxury Brand Partners where I was a guest artist for Oribe at Front Row Show. This video shows what the audience did not see, join...