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Hi There my friends, I would like to share one of the shots from my new collection Boho Rock.  I love the creativity of the razor and a new form of styling the 'old becomes new'.  Do you want to learn how to make the basics...


NYC Fashion week – Learn the Bouffant Pony tail

[caption id="attachment_4694" align="aligncenter" width="493"] photo by Chad Cosper[/caption] Hi There my Friends, As promised here is the tutorial for the Bouffant Pony tail, which I hope you will be able to use in the salon.  I promise you this hairstyle tested me especially as the models...


Fashion week NYC – How to create soft waves

Hi there My Friends,  As promised here is the video on how I created the look at NYC Fashion week with Malan Breton - working with the Joico and Team Sponsored by Joico. Yeepy! Should you wish to join my online education please click here Thank you...


Multi tone color patterns

Hi there my friends, In this short video I show you a tiny insight into how I build a photographic collection  "Moody blue". Should you wish to see the full video go to "Back stage pass 1" There you will see more great content 2 Documentaries on how...

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Immortal Beauty collection – part one

Hi there my Friends, To work with an amazing team with a single quest: To Convey a story through powerful images, is a magical experience. I was honored to work with Gjoko and Art direct this collection.  The result is spectacular.  I am so proud...


Make overs on long hair – learn how to style for change

Hi there my friends, I hope you enjoy the styling make overs, from structured to relaxed styles   For all booking Vivienne Mackinder inquires or to attend a live workshop or to become a 5 star member of contact or call 866-484-8622. Best Wishes Vivienne Mackinder founder of



Hi there my friends, As bridal season revs up get your self armed and prepared.  If you have not explored my on line editorial course please check it out. 16 weeks with 60 lessons promising to transform your skill set and value behind the chair. ...

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The Making of A Star

Dear Friends, I first met Jasmine at my photographic workshop in NYC. During the intro to the class, I always ask each stylist about their motivation and expectation of the class.  During this time the stylists have the opportunity to share who they are, a time I personally love,...

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Soft styles for Party season

Hi there my friends,  The new normal for stylists today, is the savvy client who sits in our chair armed with images from Instagram, Pinterest or a google search. The client expects us to recreate a photo, when we only have one reference angle and we have...