Say what matters to People who care.

Hi there my Friends,  this is a powerful statement

“Say what matters, to People who care”.

As you know I believe the gate way to our creative and financial success is a great consultation.  If you have not use my consultation please check out this link and apply to your world, make it your own.

If we are not relevant today we will be left behind


“Say what matters, to People who care”. 

Applies to recognizing clients values and lifestyle, no point in suggesting a high maintenance style to a hippie who lives a low maintenance natural life style.

No point trying to sell low maintenance casual look on a client who wants to rock the house with her couture style.



What we are saying could be very interesting, but if we are not relevant we are wasting each others time.  In fact this could be a recipe for loosing a client!

So take this mantra to heart. 

“Say what matters to People who care”.

Remember the client is the star… its all about her.



Best wishes

Vivienne Mackinder.

Founder of


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