So the mullet is not dead –

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So just when you think the mullet is dead another version comes along and I have to confess this time very interesting.  But there is a catch, this was a home hair cut.  Yes on my search to learn and grow,  I found this video and I learned something!  She was using the kitchen scissor and then using a shaving razor that she usually uses on her legs, on her hair stating. “I have no idea what I am doing but, if you love my hair, tell your hairdresser to give you a mullet”.  But this lady had a great feel for hair and creating shapes, I confess I liked the end look.  But if a client is teaching other consumers how to do hair at home, what do we do?

We take the game to an entirely new level – increase our skills and as mentioned in my last blog on home cutting the competition may not be the salon down the road but the consumer!

Check out the video.

So here are some couture styles that I love in the long layer department and bi level action or yes the dreaded mullet.





Photography Julia Pogodina
Hair by Vivienne Mackinder
Make up David Maderich
Fashion styling Montgomery Frazier


Photography Roberto Ligresti
Hair by Vivienne Mackinder
Make up David Maderich

Editorially styled into short front long back

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  • Jason DiFato
    May 22, 2014

    I have “dressed hair” for the first wave of mullets. Although the first time, some evolved into some bad haircuts. Some had there place. The new mullet is exciting again and was reinstated to remind us that even runway can make a mullet current. (Think Edie Campbell) I wecome it!

    • May 22, 2014

      HI Jason, great points made, I love Edie Campbell look thank you for sharing the Vogue image FAB. As you know its all about who is wearing it, and how creative and cool the bi level cut is..

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