How To Make More Money?

Hi there my Friends,

There are 3 principles to the law of compensation.  

The following points have been a guiding light during my career:-



Photography Julia Pogodina – Hair Vivienne Mackinder – Colour Sue Pemberton – Fashion David Widjaja

1. Skill level – the higher your technical and creative skills, the greater your value behind the chair. Make a plan to be a life long learner, take 10% of your earnings and continually invest in yourself.  I promise when you do this you will see a huge return.

2. Demand – your services and products have to be in demand, or be a trendsetter and  create a new demand.  If we get stuck in a rut or time zone, it is a guarantee that slowly we will loose clients. Be aware of trends in fashion, music and lifestyle and let this be an inspiration to your work.  Don’t get left behind.

3. Be irreplaceable – what is it about you and your services that make you unique and therefore valuable? When you can stand out from the crowd, your value will increase.

Let these principles be a guiding light in your career.  Love to know your thoughts, share below.


Photography Julia Pogodina – Hair Vivienne Mackinder – Colour Sue Pemberton – Fashion David Widjaja

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Being inspired is your responsibility..  yes listen to mamma xxx


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  • Vivienne Mackinder
    March 21, 2014

    website is coming along, still working on it. With your help I will have some new photos. Certainly lots of inspiration and new ideas are running in my head all the time from you, I thank you for that, You are a true pro and been a pleasure working with you. Lois..

    its a pleasure working with you Lois.

  • Amber Sparks
    March 24, 2014

    I have to admit I didn’t know who you were until you came to my school; Paul Mitchell the school in Louisville, KY. I was missing out! You have so much knowledge and training that I felt lucky you shared some of it with us. Now I have been following your blog and hope to learn some valuable information that you are sharing. Thank you!

    • Vivienne Mackinder
      March 24, 2014

      Hi Amber, thanks for your post- I very much enjoyed visiting your school. thank you for writing to me, i was wondering if i was talking to myself.. I wish you success viv

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