Highlights from Caper Hair Show

Caper ’14 HappyFace (short) from Glenn Brown on Vimeo.

What an amazing experience to present to the Future Professionals of Paul Mitchell, in Las Vegas this past week.

The passion and joy for the craft was electric. This is just one on the looks I created on stage.

A big Hi and Hug to you all.  let me know what you think,

All the Best Vivienne Mackinder.


  • Cami
    February 14, 2014

    You inspired me so much at caper! I have already passed on so much knowledge to my fellow future professionals since coming home, but I’m an addict and want more! LOVE the tutorials on your website! I am VERY interested in your mentorship program, but I wont graduate until August this year. If you possibly have any advice on what I can do while in school to gain a higher education, I would be honored to hear it. I become a creative next week and have already put in several applocations for phase 2, aside from working on my dean’s list packet. Thank you so much for the wonderful learning experience!

    • Vivienne Mackinder
      February 23, 2014

      hi Cami, thanks for your note I recommend you join the mentorship as i can coach you from a far. This is my advise not only while in school but while based in the salon. Be a life long learner.

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