Choosing your career path in Television (9th in series of 9)


“Design your lifestyle first, 

and  then design your career to fit around your life style”.

Hi there My Friends,

Today’s Blog concludes our series “designing your career” I hope you have found value within the information.  Listen to audio for more information (below)

It is so important to ‘Love what you do. Love who you do it with. Love who you do it for’.

It is estimated that we will spend 75% of our waking life working so work to your strengths and natural gifts, and every day challenge your self and be a life long learner.

As we look at management today its a very important part of what makes our world go around, without systems and leadership we are less effective.

9. Management
Manage a salon, represent talent, manage a hair publication, become a product distributor, organize hair shows, work in an education company… If you’re business savvy, the sky is the limit.



Listen to audio for more information

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