Choosing your career path in Television (8th in series of 9)

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Today’s focus is about the skill set  and determination required to be a great hair stylist in the world of  Television. 

From two perspective’s:- an on camera expert or behind the scenes hair stylist, each one requires a different skill set. 

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Ted Gibson on camera

I confess I have learned more from being on camera than any other medium.  It is exciting and yet very challenging to be able to talk and do hair at the same time.  This is the world where its hurry up and wait.  I promise you a 3 minute segment is the fastest 3 minutes of your life!  If you have what it takes TV can fast track a career into celebrity very quickly. But word of caution, what ever you build you have to be able to maintain, your skills have to be authentic or you will be a 3 minute wonder.

8. Television
The secret to success for a career in television lies in networking. I noticed that most frequently the people getting television jobs worked in high profile salons where perhaps producers, directors, or even make up artists working in television come through the doors, are aware of your skill set, and are ready to recommend you.

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