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Laughter behind the chair

Hi there my friends,     Take your work seriously but not your self seriously, laugher is medicine for the soul. I hope you enjoy these funny bloopers that took place during the filming of "Bread and Butter Course" on  Check it out. I love this...

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Contemporary Classic master Peice

Hi there my friends, I love Classics as they "withstand the passage of time", the challenge is giving the look a freshness.  TJ Weaver created a master peice with lovely textures and strong shapes. My Mantra "learn the rules and then break the rules." Classic finger waves Mixing...

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Invent and reinvent your self- be fabulous.

Hi there my Friends, I love the  quote  by Zig Ziglar. I work with the best of the best in our profession, from novices with one year of experience, to 40 years experienced stylists.  We all face the same challenges the battle in our mind. What voice do...

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Secret behind creativity.

Hi there my Friends, We are surrounded by object, shapes, colors, texture, all bombarding our senses, from a walk through nature, a museum, or high street. THE BIG QUESTION what do we see?  Do we take time to dwell and let ideas marinate, or  is...

viv and sue jenna

BACK STAGE PASS 3 Hi there my friends join us for Back stage pass 3 with the fabulous Sue Pemberton Joico Artistic Director for color - see what the audience missed!!   See you behind the curtain 5 cuts and 5 colors to wow you. All the best Vivienne Mackinder founder of

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Magic at Front Row

Hi there my Friends,  I hope the new year is treating you well, just finished a wonderful show experience with my friends at Luxury Brand Partners, I was a guest artist for Oribe at Front Row in Miami. I was so inspired by the wonderful talent...

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Rock and Roll Shag – razor hair cut

[caption id="attachment_3701" align="aligncenter" width="118"] BEFORE[/caption] Hi there my Friends, Like to share with you this step by step that I did back stage for Luxury Brand Partners where I was a guest artist for Oribe at Front Row Show. This video shows what the audience did not see, join...

viv back stage pass bw

Ready steady GO

Hi there my friends, I have been using the last couple of weeks to reflect and reorganize my life personally and professionally.  Trust me it is a daunting task!  But, when I click my  Achiever switch on there is no stopping me, and the end...