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BOUFFANTS how high should we go?

Hi there my Friends at and fellow stylists, Just finished a big photoshoot in NYC doing 18 looks over two days. WOW!  The fabulous Photographer Roberto Ligresti and other members of the team (including the fabulous client) all made the same statement, that they were...


NYC Fashion week – Learn the Bouffant Pony tail

[caption id="attachment_4694" align="aligncenter" width="493"] photo by Chad Cosper[/caption] Hi There my Friends, As promised here is the tutorial for the Bouffant Pony tail, which I hope you will be able to use in the salon.  I promise you this hairstyle tested me especially as the models...


Fashion week NYC – How to create soft waves

Hi there My Friends,  As promised here is the video on how I created the look at NYC Fashion week with Malan Breton - working with the Joico and Team Sponsored by Joico. Yeepy! Should you wish to join my online education please click here Thank you...