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Timeless bobs

Hi there my friends, 40 years later I still love the Bob and all its variations, and to this day I am  still humbled by the bob. This classic shape is timeless, from blunt to razor textured cuts, but one must add a modern interpretation to...


Face Book Live – join me

Hi my Friends join me on Monday 7th November at 1.00 Eastern Standard Time USA.  For my first Face book live demonstration. What will you see? 1. Razor cut 2. The art of how to use the razor 3. Facial framing 4. Fun and  few giggles ...


The Classic Bob Makeover

Hi there my Friends, Happy Monday! It's always a delight to transform someone, even when it's a small change in the length of the hair, the end result can make a big difference. Remember, it's not what we cut off or how much we cut off,...