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How to be original with long hair

  "Originality is the vision and art, of seeing what is invisible to others" Hi there my Friends, To be Original, wow this is hard today.  In this style I created a little surprise of 'texture knots' to add interest and yet remain consumer friendly. Do you feel overwhelmed by...


NYC Fashion week – Learn the Bouffant Pony tail

[caption id="attachment_4694" align="aligncenter" width="493"] photo by Chad Cosper[/caption] Hi There my Friends, As promised here is the tutorial for the Bouffant Pony tail, which I hope you will be able to use in the salon.  I promise you this hairstyle tested me especially as the models...

basket weave

Basket Weave Braid – how to do

Hi there my Friends, Braids still seem to be popular so how about trying a 20 strand braid? Get out your Pivot Point Manequin and get practicing. The look is lovely neat or relaxed and undone.  Great for showing off lovely color.  Check out this short video...