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Choosing your career path – Platform artist – (part 4 in a 9 part series).

Hi there my friends,  

Today’s focus is about the art of what it takes to be a great Platform artist.  I believe the most exciting and challenging art with in our craft. To entertain, educate and do brilliant hair all at the same time, this is a huge gift.

“Design your lifestyle first, 

and  then design your career to fit around your life style”.

A platform Artist – (see below great audio and video on the subject).

A platform artist is born out of the salon and their successes behind the chair,  teaching from life’s experiences. Hence taking steps towards this career starts by teaching in the salon, doing demonstrations and hands on classes, and seeing results. Then volunteering at schools to gain experience presenting to a big group, assisting at events by shadowing great platform artists. In addition studying keynote speakers and taking course in public speaking.  The big todo! ask a friend to video you in action so that you can see your performance from the audiences prospective.

How you keep score determines how you will play the game.

listen to more advice and what I have learned over the last 30 years.

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check out a brilliant recourse  Patricia Fripp

Ps.  this is also great training for behind the chair, as communication skills are vital to building a clientelle.


Best wishes to you have a brilliant day. share your thoughts with me.

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