Believe in your dreams

Hi there my Friends at HairDesignerTv and Fellow stylists.

When I prepare for a keynote speech or any other big job that is truly challenging:  photoshoots, filming videos or a big show.  I have a preparation ritual, to listen to something very inspirational to lift my spirits high.    I turn to other mentors, realizing ‘You can’t give what you do not have’.  This motivational video is so powerful, no matter how much success I have enjoyed, for me there are always questions ‘Can I do it’?  ‘Can I do it better than before’?      I hope this video inspires you too.
If there are any challenges or doubts in your mind I hope we crush them today.        All the best Vivienne Mackinder Founder of HairDesigner TV and the Designer Program

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  • Nancy
    July 24, 2017

    Very inspiring! Just what I needed to day! Thanks Viv! ❤️❤️❤️

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