5 days 5 stylists – a journey with Viv

Hi there my friends,  Grab a coffee or if it’s late in the day, a nice cocktail.
Relax and enjoy this short video below:

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I am sure if you are like me you want to better what you do each and every day, financially, technically and creatively.
This is the art of feeding our hearts and  bank account.viv and hannah ic show filming


What will you gain from this video?
Inspiration – you will relate to the journey of learning and growing, along with the ups and the downs.
You will realize that you are not alone in climbing the ladder to success.

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Malorie did this cut in the 5 to 5 workshop posted on Face book and got two new clients BRAVO!

Yes our clients love what we do, but we can only market who we are,
and we cannot give, what we do not have!


Karie discovered the power of razor cutting and dress work

To become bigger on the outside we need to invest in ourselves. I hope you enjoy this amazing journey  of 5 stylists 5 days – the transformation going from good to great.  


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All the best Vivienne Mackinder Founder of HairDesignerTV.com

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